BROad Trip Day 1 - Prague

Duuudes...and ladies, what a week I just had! First annual photography (B)Road trip with the fellas. Prague, Vienna, Budapest, and Salzburg. In four days - shutterbugging our way through what we hoped would be some uniquely beautiful European cities. I was crazy excited when my brother Joe approached me about doing this. I'm pretty sure I didn't talk about much else in the weeks leading up to the trip. I hadn't taken a proper vacation in almost three years and had been struggling to grow as a photographer. Scratch that...there had been only rare occasions that I had even considered picking up a camera. What sacrilege!

So, three shooters in an Opel, racing through Europe, enjoying each other's company and trading photography tips along the way. We didn't have any plans or set agenda other than a loosely defined travel route. We didn't book hotels in advance and we really weren't sure when we would be in any specific location - just arrive in a city and shoot what we saw. 

Prague was a blast, but "no agenda" meant no earthly idea what I was gonna shoot. At some point I decided that I needed some type of focus so I started shooting the color blue and triangles.

...which quickly became unbearably boring. What good fortune it was then, that we came across a few interesting locations right as we began to lose light. I think we did our best shooting after dark, which set the tone for the rest of trip. 

Here are a few of the shots from the afternoon and evening in Prague. 

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