Lisbon 2023!

Moni | Tracy Penn Photography

We were foturnate to be able to spend some time in Lisbon, Portugal a few weeks ago. The trip was planned, but not. Meaning, this was the result of a re-booking when I got sick a few days before a planned trip to Malta. Moni had always wanted to go to Lisbon, so it was the perfect opportunity. We re-booked the plane tickets for a few months yeah, this happened a few months later. 

Wifey chose to stay at Brown's Boutique Hotel, a unique yet trendy spot in the city center that was a short distance from a nearby metro station. All in all, every decision of accomodation resulted in convenience, and the public transportation served us so well!

Here are a few photos from the trip. 

Megan | Tracy Penn Photography

Lisbon Photo | Tracy Penn Photography

Lisbon | Tracy Penn Photography

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